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      La Soci¨¦t¨¦ canadienne
      de g¨¦otechnique
      The Canadian
      Geotechnical Society
      La Soci¨¦t¨¦ canadienne de g¨¦otechnique
      The Canadian Geotechnical Society
      The Canadian
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      The Canadian Geotechnical Society is the leading organization for geotechnical engineering and related geoscience in Canada. The CGS is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the creation of opportunities to exchange information among individuals from academia (both faculty and students), consulting, government, industry, contractors, and various providers of geotechnical-related products and services.

      With approximately 1,400 members across Canada and around the world, the CGS is a driving force in the geotechnical profession by providing opportunities for members to upgrade their skills, to present research and case histories, and to connect with other geotechnical professionals locally, nationally, and internationally.

      Some of the CGS's prime activities include:

      • CGS Annual Conference; the longest continuously-held geotechnical conference in the world... being first held in 1947
      • Canadian Geotechnical Journal; one of the premier geotechnical journals in the world
      • Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual; referenced by the National Building Code of Canada and the CSA Canadian Highway Bridge Code
      • Cross Canada Lecture Tour: typically 2 tours held each year since 1965
      • representation of Canada on six international geotechnically-related organizations, and
      • affiliation with numerous other national, US and international bodies.
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